Do you have policies in place to protect your data, and that of your customers? Whilst data protection laws in the UAE aren’t as stringent as other areas of the world, businesses still have a responsibility to protect their customers’ private information, whether that be their addresses, or their credit card details. The UAE’s Federal Decree Law on Combating Cybercrimes prohibits ‘the disclosure of confidential information obtained in the course of, or because of, work, by means of any computer network, website or information technology.’

Confidential data can be stored in a variety of ways. You might have filling cabinets stuffed with customer application forms and printed correspondence, but most of your information will be stored electronically – on laptops, mobile phones, CDs, DVDs and hard-drives.

Businesses are starting to wake up to the risks involved in collecting and storing data. You most likely have secure websites for taking payments, up to date firewalls and individual employee passwords, for example. However, an area that is often still overlooked is that of disposing of data, once it is no longer of use.

Disposing of confidential data
What do you do when you no longer need to hold onto the information you’ve collected, or the hardware that’s holding that information? Documents can be easily shredded, but it’s not quite that simple when it comes to electronic information. When it’s time to upgrade your business mobile phones, do you spend hours trawling through them, deleting every text and contact and destroying the memory card? Do you attempt to wipe the information from a hard-drive before disposing of it?

Wiping electronic data isn’t always as easy as hitting the delete button. You may think that hard-drive is now clean; that phone now restored to factory settings, but in an expert’s hands, they can reveal all kinds of information that you don’t want getting out.

The safest option is to destroy the hardware. But, again, that’s not always as easy as you think. What’s more, it’s time consuming and generally not the best use of your time. You can’t just shred a hard-drive. Or can you?

EnviroServe are UAE specialists in WEEE recycling (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment). We’ll take your unwanted desktop computers, laptops, hard-drives, mobile phones and more and recycle them. If equipment can be reused, we will guarantee to wipe 100% of the data. Alternatively, the devices will be crushed down, therefore destroying any information held on them, and useable raw materials will be extracted for re-use. So, as well as reducing risks to your business, you’re helping to reduce the amount of waste sent to landfill. And we even donate a percentage of profits to local charities.

Our processes adhere to local regulations, as well as international standards and our factories are fully audited, so you can be assured that once you hand your electrical and electronic equipment over to us, your job is done – any data stored on the devices will be permanently destroyed. We’ll provide you with a stamped and signed Green Certificate to confirm it.

So, next time you want to get rid of a hard-drive, will you take a hammer to it, or let us do the job for you?

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