How Enviroserve is changing the face of responsible recycling in Dubai

Enviroserve may have started out as an environmental company offering e-waste (e-scrap) recycling, but it has become a pioneer in specialized waste management in the UAE. After developing its services to fit the needs of its clients, Enviroserve has transformed itself into a complete solution for UAE, GCC and global e-scrap recycling requirements.

Now celebrating its 10th anniversary, Enviroserve continues to illustrate its effectiveness as the only recycling facility in the GCC that can arrange a collection anywhere in the world. Based in Dubai, the company is perfectly placed to manage its clients through a complete network of recycling and global logistics partners.

Developing e-scrap recycling that works

It was the issues faced by Dubai Customs that led Enviroserve to develop a means of dealing with Specialized Waste. With an incredible 17.6 million AED worth of counterfeit products seized by Dubai Customs in the first half of 2014 alone, a service dedicated to the destruction of such goods was necessary.

Enviroserve created a service to support the authorities in destroying such products, using environmental recycling methods. Such responsible recycling means that the destroyed materials can at least be put to good use. As explained by Stuart Fleming, the Founding Partner and CEO of Enviroserve, “In most cases the raw materials of plastics, metals or glass then go on to be recycled into new products. The remaining non-recyclable product parts are incinerated, with the incinerator generating energy to power factories, so we are happy that at least, something good comes out of the entire received product”.

The importance of corporate social responsibility in Dubai

Fleming also notes that “GCC countries produce a relatively high amount of waste per capita compared to any other region; approximately 80 million tons of waste is generated per year.” With this in mind, the need to save such waste from landfills and instead recycle responsibly ensures that the UAE and many other corporations can fulfil their individual Environmental Responsibility charters.

Enviroserve is perfectly placed to offer such solutions, allowing corporations to work within their corporate social responsibility. Thanks to state-of-the-art equipment, longstanding relationships with global logistics partners and over 25 years of experience in waste recycling management, Enviroserve is “capable of providing solutions to any challenges faced in the waste management industry and to play an integral part in industry growth,” adds Fleming.

Creating a sustainable environment

Thanks to Enviroserve’s continuous commitment to responsible recycling and creating a sustainable environment, it has been listed as a ‘UAE Top 21 company’ – one that is actively making a positive change to our impact on the environment.

Not only does Enviroserve work hard to ensure that its recycling solutions are environmentally sound, but it goes one step further by running a dedicated refrigerant recovery facility – processing contaminated refrigerant and converting it back to 100% purity, allowing it to be re-deployed into HVAC systems. This move saved Enviroserve’s clients 10% in energy costs, all while avoiding unnecessary waste.

Enviroserve is currently working in partnership with the UAE to realise their vision of having a sustainable environment and infrastructure by 2021. The company aims to facilitate this goal by reusing waste and “providing state-of-the-art technologies in recycling,” commented Fleming. The aim is not only creating a sustainable and a pollution-free environment, but also to enhance economic development thanks to Enviroserve’s complete e-scrap recycling solutions.

Enviroserve wins a major award in the Arab region

The award was in recognition of Enviroserve’s outstanding efforts in developing Dubai’s environmental initiatives in Electronic, Specialised and Household Waste Recycling as well as Refrigerant Reclaiming.

The Arab Organization for Social Responsibility presented the 2015 “Golden Shield” and “Certificate of Excellence” in the Arab Region to Enviroserve during the annual award ceremony. The ceremony was attended by VIPs, business leaders, and special guests from across the Arab countries.

Enviroserve was honored with the Award in appreciation for its active participation, continuous innovation and smart initiatives as the largest Recycling facility for Electronics and Specialised Waste Services in the Arab Region. Alongside its dedicated Refrigerant Recovery and Reclaim Facility, Enviroserve was honored for its services to the Environment.

The organization expressed its gratitude to Enviroserve for contributing to the success of Environmental initiatives and for the company’s continuous quest to develop recycling programs and events that serve to develop the region.

The Golden Shield was received by the CEO, Mr. Stuart Fleming in Dubai.
Fleming said that Enviroserve’s award reflected the hard work and dedication of the entire staff and served as recognition of their efforts and the company’s philosophy to embody the UAE Vision 2021.

Fleming detailed Enviroserve’s commitment as a ‘responsible’ company to ensure the private sector continues to contribute to developing concepts and practices of environmental social responsibility in all fields and at all public and private communities and organizations nationally and internationally. It also reflected recognition of Enviroserve’s efforts and commitment to social and environmental issues”.

Enviroserve has previously won various Awards including the prestigious “UAE Small Business of the Year” and “E-waste Handler of the Year” awards, and it prides itself as being the “Best of Breed for quality and excellence” in appreciation of its achievements over the past 10 years.

“Its not easy being First to Market, and to retain your position as market leader but that is what makes us unique and this award certainly recognizes our proactive and focused approach to the environment, to business and to serving our clients,” said Fleming.

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