Toner recycling

Xerox – EnviroServe Toner and Cartridge Collection Program

How our campaign works?

“Think Before You Throw Your Ink” is a toner and cartridge collection nationwide on-going programme, sponsored by Xerox Emirates and organized by Enviroserve. The campaign aims at collecting and disposing any brand of waste toner and print cartridges from businesses across the UAE in our efforts to keep the country clean and encourage businesses to go green.

EnviroServe’s recycling process flow

  • Interested organizations fill out a form indicating the number of boxes required, locations and contact person/number.

  • The limit per participating organization is 5 boxes. Additional boxes can be provided at a charge of AED 50 per box.

  • Xerox Emirates will deliver the boxes to the respective locations as per filled form within one week. A poster outlining the details of the campaign can be downloaded here. Participants can print the poster and hang it near the box.

  • Participants should agree to the terms and conditions listed below.

  • Any waste toner and cartridge, by all manufacturers, from all kinds of photocopiers, printers and fax machines should be dropped into the provided campaign-branded collection box. The box will be designed and branded as shown here.

  • Once the campaign-branded collection box is filled with waste supplies, the participant contacts Enviroserve by email ( 4 885 2434). Collection will be arranged within a week.

  • Your certificate of recycling will be emailed to you within 20 days as proof that the waste were properly disposed of.

  • All waste supplies collected from participants will be stored at Enviroserve’s facility until shipped to our recycling partners in Europe.

  • Any e-waste shipment arranged by Enviroserve is done in full compliance with the Basel Action Network guidelines.

  • The waste supplies will be destroyed environmentally responsibly. The metal and plastic parts will be reclaimed and reprocessed.

Please fill in as many fields as possible in the form below to facilitate delivery of the recycling boxes to your premises.


Company Name *


Telephone Number*

Fax Number

Contact Person


Direct Line


Number of Voucher Booklets

Please enter a value between 0 and 5, (Payment voucher scheme for waste collection) and Read the Terms and Conditions below for more


Emirate *

Area *

Street *

Building/Tower *

Landmark *

This form notifies the Xerox Team to deliver the required number of boxes to the location stated above. There will be no confirmation needed after you hit Submit Form. By submitting this form you are agreeing to the terms & conditions (provided below) of participating in this programme.

Terms and Conditions for Campaign Participation

  1. The Participating Organization will place the provided campaign-branded collection box within their indoor premises. The location has to be convenient, practical and visible so that the box has maximum exposure to company’s employees and/or visitors.
  2. The Participating Organization will pay AED 136 per collection per full box. This is flat rate from anywhere within the UAE and it covers the operational cost of recovering the waste as well as transportation.
  3. The Participating Organization will keep Enviroserve contact information on record at all times and alert our team whenever the provided campaign-branded collection box is full.
  4. Payment will be made using a voucher scheme. The Participating Organization must purchase voucher booklets which contain 20 vouchers each. Each voucher is worth the value of waste collection. Booklets will be provided at the time of installation of collection box. Xerox Emirates will raise an invoice for the purchase value of the voucher booklets which will have to be paid upon delivery of these booklets. Xerox Emirates cannot replace any voucher booklets that are lost or stolen and are non-refundable. To place your next order for additional voucher booklets, please email – 04 885 2434
  5. Each voucher booklet contains three copies of each voucher. Upon every collection, participating organization will fill up their details and hand the pink and green copy to EnviroServe at the time of collection which will be retained as a business record. One copy will remain with the customer as proof of collection.
  6. The Participating Organization will arrange for gate passes and security clearance if and when needed for Enviroserve personnel for box delivery and waste collection within the business premises.
  7. The Participating Organization will be responsible for ensuring no damage is caused to the provided box. There will be additional cost for replacing damaged boxes.