Ah, the joy of breaking the seal on the box of a brand new smartphone. No scratches, dents, chips or blemishes. And you’re getting a faster operating system, better camera and all-round superior user experience to boot.

Your phone is born
You might not know it to look at it, but your new phone is made up of a host of precious metals and natural materials, including lead, copper, zinc and even gold. Those materials will likely have come from several countries around the world, before being sent to a factory to create the many separate parts needed for your new phone.

Prior to that, the design of your new toy will have taken a dedicated team several months of work, following extensive research, including feedback on previous models. Several prototypes will have been created and subjected to a detailed testing process. The best one will have been taken forward for mass-manufacture.

Once assembled and tested, your phone will have been shipped off to your retailer to patiently wait (for a couple of hours at least) for you to buy it. And, for a few months, it will be your closest companion in Dubai. But mobile phone technology moves on quickly and soon your shiny new toy will have lost its sheen. Smart phone users in the UAE now upgrade their phones around every 18 months. But what to do with the old one, as, by now, it’s looking a bit worse for wear and somewhat outdated?

Beware when disposing of your phone!
Well, let’s look at the first scenario. Your phone gets chucked in with the household rubbish and sent to landfill. Now, mobile phones contain some pretty toxic substances, including known carcinogens, and after a while, those substances will start to leak. Just one cadmium battery can pollute a staggering 60,000 litres of water. But, of course, that’s if someone doesn’t find your phone first, hack into it and steal your details…

Protect your data and the environment
So, onto scenario number two. While out shopping, you drop your phone into an Envirophone recycling box and walk away. We’re specialists in WEEE recycling in Dubai. (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment, if you were wondering.) We collect and dispose of thousands of phones every month, so we have it down to a fine art by now. If the phone is to be sent for reuse, all data will be professionally wiped and factory settings restored.

In most cases, however, your phone will be sent for recycling. It’ll be crushed down and the raw materials extracted. Remember all those precious materials we mentioned? They’ll be sent off to be re-used in other electronic devices. Bits of your phone could end up in a laptop, TV, coffee maker, new phone, you name it. So, as well as reducing the amount of toxic substances that end up in landfill, by recycling your phone, you’re also reducing the amount of new materials that need to be extracted from the earth. And we even donate a percentage of profits to local charities. So, it’s a win, win situation all around really.

EnviroServe have mobile phone recycling drop-boxes across the UAE, including in Spinneys and Dubai Municipality offices.

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