Refrigerant Gas Recovery and Reclaiming

Guaranteed responsible recycling in UAE

A Safe Choice

It is a Federal and Municipal offence to release this hazardous air pollutant into the atmosphere, so your internal system checklists are completed and followed without fail. As UAE grows at a rapid pace, the investment in training and technology for Municipal Inspectors to spot offenders is developed to match the threat. Penalties for venting include loss of your trade licence, not if, but when you are caught.

EnviroServe helps to advise companies in UAE on the laws, systems and checklists to keep you safe. This means that by using EnviroServe’s Refrigerant Recovery and Recycling service, you are doing everything you can to protect your company as well as the environment we share.

Refrigerant Gas Recovery and Recycling

Cost Saving TOO

All types of this environmentally hazardous gas, used within the HVAC-R Industry can be recovered and reclaimed. In our dedicated environment, your refrigerants are cleansed and re-used saving you up to 50% of market price for new gas. You can schedule a call with one of our refrigerant experts (Type “schedule a call with one of our refrigerant experts” into a hyperlink that opens an email with subject line “help me recover and recycle our refrigerant gas”) with a minimum of 5 years experience of recycling in UAE.

If you are an owner, user or maintainer of an HAVAC-R system, you need to remember:

  • It is your gas that has been vented and you are responsible

  • Some service providers will re-use gas that is contaminated – so you are still offending without even knowing it

  • HVAC-R systems implode when not recharged properly

  • A waste of money, energy, carbon emissions – its a nasty circle

How to get started?

Getting started is a simple 3-step process. Just call EnviroServe on 04 8852434, and give us your site contact name, the location, type of gas and possible quantity.

How we deliver your service?

Your gas cylinders are securely removed by EnviroServe and replaced with fresh ones. The used cylinders are taken to our dedicated recovery station in Dubai, and reclaimed safely and quickly.

  • EnviroServe immediately despatches a team with recovery pumps, recovery cylinders and personnel trained to perform the function quickly and efficiently.

  • If needed, sends the team with a batch of pure, clean refrigerant in to replace your old cylinders – this saves downtime once the system has been repaired, replaced or re-installed.

  • We sign for the refrigerant recovered in weight and return it to our facility, where it is checked, weighed and tested.

  • It undergoes a thorough clean (called reclaim), lab test and is ready for delivery or goes back into stock to replace the gas we have delivered to you.

Summary of benefits

  • Saves you money – pure, clean gas delivered at up to half the market price. Its that simple.

  • Pure, clean gas in your system reduces your electricity bill by up to 10%

  • Ensures you stay clear of the law, and free from financial and operational penalties.

  • Complies with most Corporate & Social Responsibilities (CSR) guidelines – we’ll all have them one day.

  • Ensures you are not damaging the Environment by releasing hazardous products into atmosphere.

  • We buy old refrigerant you don’t need.

  • We charge you up to half the market price for ensuring you have 100% pure gas

See our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section for more details