Like many other forms of recycling, refrigerant gas recycling isn’t just a suggestion any more, it’s a requirement. It used to be that recycling was left to the discretion of the user, but education by the authorities and a responsible recycling partner meant that when our customer was faced with recycling 22,000kg of refrigerant gas, they knew not to fall into the temptation to “vent” it into the atmosphere.

With the ever-expanding industries around the world producing more and more pollution and not enough of them taking responsibility for the emission of ozone depleting substances, refrigerant gas recycling & recovery has become a legal requirement.

Of course, that’s not the only reason that your HVAC-R business needs to work with an environmentally friendly refrigerant gas recycling service, but it is a very good one. Unless you enjoy throwing away money on fines, penalties and lawyers and possibly even enjoy spending some time in jail, refrigerant gas recycling companies are going to save you a lot of time, money and headaches down the road.

Four Benefits of Refrigerant Gas Recycling

Here are four reasons that your HVAC company should be looking into refrigerant gas recycling services right now if you don’t have them already.

  1. Compliance Matters in Appliance Matters. It doesn’t matter if you’re in commercial refrigeration, air conditioning, heating and cooling, heat extraction or process chilling—if you are emitting ozone depleting substances, you need to be in compliance. A good refrigerant gas recycling service will be able to work with all types of environmentally hazardous gases, whether you are emitting them during your service or servicing machines and units that emit them during the service of others. Recovery and reclaiming puts you in direct compliance with the Federal and Municipal laws that govern emissions specifically pertaining to substances deemed hazardous to the environment and the people who live in it. This isn’t just illegal, but also morally unethical. Still, the legal repercussions are very real and very expensive. They can even drive your company out of business due to fines, lawsuits and in certain cases, prison sentences.
  2. Going Green is Customer Keen. Having a great refrigerant gas recycling & recovery service working with you allows you to brag about it to your customers. While you might not think that is a big deal, consider the fact that the “green movement” has produced so many renewable energy resources over the past few decades that Tesla cars has opened their patents to do battle with the combustible engine. Electric power is looking to replace oil as the main fuel source in our cars and people are excited about it. Hybrids are on the roads and the green movement is in full swing. For companies that are able to provide customers with green solutions that they desire, it shows a caring side that boosts consumer confidence and satisfaction. Some customers are even willing to pay more for environmentally friendly services since they feel it is their moral obligation to take care of the planet we live on—in fact, they are right. It’s our moral obligation as well as yours, too.
  3. Vents Gas, Not Money. Refrigerant gas recycling is a great way to cut down on your overhead. Because venting costs are essentially you throwing money away in the garbage, the only way to reduce and/or eliminate these costs is to recover and recycle ozone depleting substances. This holds true all across the board—whether you are the owner of an HVAC system or you simply perform maintenance on the system. The consequences are also universal since any gas that is vented is 100% your responsibility. That means that even is someone else is recovering your gas and reusing it, if they aren’t decontaminating it first, you could wind up being held responsible. Further, when this gas isn’t properly decontaminated, the entire unit can shut down on you, setting record highs with your energy bills along the way. The bottom line is that since refrigerants can be recycled and recovered through proper cleansing methods, you can reuse that gas at up to 50% off of the current going rate of gas on the market. These savings add up over time, reducing your overhead while widening your margins.
  4. Your Zoned in the Ozone. Finally, this Earth belongs to all of us. Not only you and me, but your customers, your family, your friends and your children. The legacy you leave for your kids will be telling—do you want to leave them in a world ravaged by industrial pollution and filled with ozone depleting substances? As the ozone layer gets thinner, the ice caps melt and we experience the worst of the greenhouse effect. We are also not protected from harmful UV rays meaning the world’s cancer rate will go up. The bottom line is that it is up to all of us as members of this society to do everything we can to make sure the Earth is around and healthy for centuries to come. As a person involved in refrigerants, it is your responsibility to take action, using refrigerant gas recycling & recovery services to keep the world around you safe. Of course, if you choose not to, there are plenty of trained monitors that will make sure you go out of business, but isn’t it better to get that great feeling which comes with doing the right thing for your planet, your children, your family and our future?

Getting the Best Refrigerant Gas Recycling Company in UAE

As you can see, there are many undeniable benefits to gas recycling and recovery. While the choice is technically still yours, the long and short of it is that you simply cannot stay in business—or out of jail—without refrigerant gas recycling.

If you already have refrigerant gas recycling & recovery services for your ozone depleting substances, you should be looking at the most cost-effective methods for doing business. Not every refrigerant gas recycling service does business the same way. Are you sure you’re getting the best prices and services? To find out if you are, click here and talk to an expert.

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